We carry out construction and renovation work

  • We demolish the old ones and put up new partitions
  • Renovation of the steam and sauna anterooms
  • Outside the house, we are engaged in the construction of terraces
  • Carpentry, tiling, painting, electrical and plumbing work.



Bathroom / shower room

Tiling works (the price does not include wall alignment and waterproofing works) from €26/m2
Shower cabin installation 190 €/pc
Shower corner installation 145 €/pc
Shower tray installation 45 €/pc
Simple bathtub installation 100 €/pc
WC installation 80 €/pc
Bathroom faucet installation 60 €/pc
Sink installation 75 €/pc
Wall cabinet installation 50 €/pc
Simple mirror installation 30 €/pc
Installation of a mirror/mirror cabinet with lighting 45/70 €/pc
Dismantling and disposal of the old bath/shower cabin 100 €/pc


Installation of laminate flooring 10 €/m2
Table parquet installation 14 €/m2
Installation of floor skirting 3,50 €/meter
  • The listed prices do not include materials or transport
  • Additional materials needed during installation are added to the price

NB! VAT is not added to the price stated in the price list.