Corner handle – with a shelf



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The corner handle allows you to stay safe while bathing. A wet bathtub, paddling pool or tiles can be slippery and cause you to lose balance, and the product will prevent it from falling. The holder is specially designed for children, the elderly and people with disabilities. It is easy to install and can withstand a load of up to 150 kg. On the other hand, the practical shelf will accommodate the most necessary shower cosmetics, which is why you get 2in1. In addition, it has a convenient shelf where you can put down the necessary items. Deante adheres to the principle that the bathroom should be safe for households of all ages: from children to the elderly. Willing to help in arranging the space, we have introduced a collection of Vital products that combine safety and functionality with modern design. Vital is primarily a combination of safety and attractive appearance. The handrails, which also act as a towel or toilet paper holder, occupy a unique place in the collection. This dual use is especially important in small bathrooms, where any additional equipment takes up valuable space.

Corner handle – with a shelf
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